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El Camino Ranch Christmas Party

El Camino Ranch hosted the party of the season, complete with an open bar, potluck, gift exchange and even Jolly ol' Santa Claus! Guests filled the event center with laughter and the aroma of crock pot recipes and hot cider. Santa Claus himself graced the event center, cozied up near the wood burning fireplace, entertaining his loyal fans. The party ended with the Sneaky Secret Santa gift exchange where guests were able to choose a wrapped gift from under the live, decorated Christmas tree. There's a catch, this gift could be swiped, resulting in having to choose a new gift or swipe someone else's. The ten dollar limit gifts ranged from horse care gifts to In n Out gift cards that were quickly swiped (there were even bottles of wine under the tree for the 21+ guests). The 2016 Winter Holiday Party at the Ranch was one for the books.

El Camino Ranch wishes you a wonderful holiday season full of family and friends,

Merry Christmas!

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