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Meet the "Party with the Animals" Crew

Did you know that there is a whole zoo of animals you can visit while at El Camino Ranch? That's right, there's many more animals besides the Ranch dogs, horses and the two sneaky kittens. Several curious goats and chickens, 3 skittish sheep, 2 friendly pigs, 2 fluffy alpacas and a pregnant pony are among the Ranch's animals. These critters love to be fed from your hands and might try to give you a kiss or two. These animals are fed and maintained by the staff El Camino Ranch but love to have guests come and say hello. "Party with the Animals" is what we call it when a birthday party, pony party or event is being hosted in the Event Center and the guests have access to the zoo, laughs and surprises guaranteed. Make sure to stop by and say hello to the zoo animals next time you're at El Camino Ranch and snap some pictures with them, one of the alpacas will smile at you.

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