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High School Fall Party at ECR!

On Tuesday, November 15th, El Camino Ranch was the happenin' place for Redlands Adventist Academy's Fall Party. The teens filled the event center and courtyard, tippin' their cowboy hats and snapping pictures with scarecrows, hay bales, pumpkins, themed music and lit torches set the ambiance for the group of 100+ to enjoy. Laughter and happy voices carried all throughout the Ranch with the occasional hellos from the horses in the stables around.

El Camino Ranch's event center is the perfect spot to celebrate occasions and endless options of events like the Redlands Adventist Academy's Fall party. Areas such as the court yard and other open spaces gives El Camino Ranch the opportunity to accommodate large events providing the ideal atmosphere for events like Redlands Adventist Fall Party and the Redlands Bowl, which has been previously held on the property.

Check out these pictures of the students enjoying the photo booth and chowing down on an authentic meal.

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