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El Camino Ranch

Large Animal Evacuation Center

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The City of Redlands has designated El Camino Ranch the evacuation center for large animals for the Redlands area.  In the event of an emergency declaration originating from the Emergency Operations Center of the City of Redlands, large animals (horses, sheep, goats, etc) can be taken for temporary shelter at El Camino Ranch.  El Camino Ranch has also been designated as the overflow location for dogs in an emergency if the Redlands canine shelter reaches capacity.  For convenience, an Emergency Animal Registration form .pdf is available for download. 


Volunteers are needed to assist in the location and transport of animals in danger, as well as assisting the ranch personnel in the reception, registration, and care of the animals on the ranch.  If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up below: 

Evacuation Volunteer Sign Up Form

Volunteer Role (please designate one):

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Thank you for volunteering!

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