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El Camino Ranch Horse in Indian Wedding

Clapping guests, sound systems blasting Indian rhythms, and a dancing groom atop a horse. This was the high energy scene that joined two people in love this past weekend. They utilized the symbolism and traditionalism of a horse as an important part of the ceremony. The horse belonged to El Camino Ranch and was rented by the newly weds for the groom to ride to the alter accompanied by excited family and friends clapping alongside. Normally a horse in this situation might become spooked by the overwhelming loud noises and crowd of people and an inexperienced rider, however, "Cherry" or "Cherry Girl" trained by El Camino Ranch's own, Marie, was cool as a cucumber.

A "Baraat" or "Barat" is a ceremony that joins two families together, commonly in North Indian communities and it is customary for the groom to arrive on a decorated mare accompanied by his family members, the dancing and clapping family and friends mentioned previously, referred to as the "baraati." Cherry was decorated with a traditional garment and was led by Marie, also wearing traditional attire in correspondence with tradition.

El Camino Ranch is proud to provide horses for special occasions including Native American Weddings, Baraat Weddings, and Country Weddings and just for parties where guests can ride horses after the ceremony.

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